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‘HTGAWM’ Star Charlie Weber Teases Midseason Finale: Expect ‘A Lot More Bodies’ (Video)

”I hope this doesn’t make me sound insane but I actually like them both,“ actor tells TheWrap about his character’s two biggest loves — sex and murder

Turns out, “How to Get Away With Murder’s” resident scruffy bad guy, Frank Delfino, is a killer with heart of gold who really likes sex … especially after a long day strangling people.

But which does Charlie Weber, the actor who plays him on the ABC hit show, prefer? Poking or choking?

“You either strangle people or you’re having sex with them. I’m wondering which part do you enjoy more?” asked TheWrap’s Itay Hod.

“I hope this doesn’t make me sound insane but I actually like them both equally,” Weber said. “There is such a different dynamic to each one. But I love that part of Frank’s life and I love that he can differentiate those two.”

Weber stopped by TheWrap’s studios to talk about the show’s whopper mid-season finale airing November 19, saying that fans should expect a boatload of unexpected twists and turns.

“There’s definitely a lot going on,” Weber said. “Last season the Sam murder was such a focal point that everything revolved around that,” adding, “This year we have a lot more bodies.”

Weber, who incidentally started out as an Abercrombie & Fitch model at age 19, made his screen debut in Greg Berlanti‘s “The Broken Hearts Club” in 2000. He then scored the role of Ben in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” But it wasn’t until he became a citizen of Shondaland that his career shot into the stratosphere.

“It’s amazing and wonderful and it’s very different than anything I’ve evewr been a part of,” Weber said about working with super-producer Shonda Rhimes. “But it’s actually a real place that she’s created and it’s sort of like actor paradise.”

We knew it would be tough to get any details about the biggest question on fans’ minds, which already sparked its own hashtag on Twitter: #WhoShotAnnalise.

The show’s sophomore season kicked off in September with one of the biggest OMG moments since 1980’s “Who Shot J.R.?” episode on “Dallas.” But this time instead of an oil tycoon, it was the cutthroat super lawyer Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) laying on the floor covered in blood and gasping for air.

Shondaland actors are notoriously tight-lipped about the fates of their characters. So, we decided to take the ambush approach.

If you want to see how Weber answered the question, watch the video above.

“How to Get Away With Murder’s” Mid-Season finale airs Thursday, Nov. 19 at 10 p.m. on ABC.