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How The CW Plans to Finish Shooting ‘Supernatural’ in Time for Fall

”Certainty is a hard thing to do in this world, right now,“ says network boss Mark Pedowitz

“Supernatural” is still slated to have its swan song this fall on The CW, even though production was cut short before the final two episodes could be shot.

As of right now, the plan is for those last two episodes to finish shooting before star Jared Padalecki starts shooting his new series “Walker,” which is set to debut in January.

“Certainty is a hard thing to do in this world, right now,” said CW chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz during a conference call Thursday regarding the network’s 2020-21 fall schedule.

“We hope they will be able to start shooting sometime in late summer, early fall. If not, we will become flexible and rearrange our scheduling.”

The show, which films in Vancouver, was in the middle of airing its 15th and final season when the production shutdown happened in March. At that time, they had aired 13 of the 20 episodes and had filmed 18 of them. So as it stands, there are just the final two left to film, and a handful left that haven’t finished postproduction.

“I think everybody, the studio, the executive producers, Jared, Jensen, and Misha, all want to end 15 years the right way,” said Pedowitz. “So it is important that these two episodes they’ll be shooting will be done the way they want to do them. We’ll just wait it out. We are very much attached to this.”