Harvey Weinstein Scandal: How Late-Night Hosts Handled Hollywood Bombshell (Video)

Kimmel, Colbert, Fallon, Meyers and Corden all caught up to the news cycle last night

The late-night hosts finally got their turn to take a crack at the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal that rocked Hollywood late last week, which led to a Sunday ousting from his own company.

Kicking off the Monday charge was Stephen Colbert, who labeled Weinstein “Human Shrek” and called him “a bad person.” Among the mounting allegations levied against the producer, one woman accused Weinstein of cornering her in a restaurant hallway, trying to kiss her, and then masturbating into a potted plant.

“Pro-tip: If you ever have dinner at Harvey Weinstein’s house, avoid the fresh basil,” Colbert quipped of the vomit-inducing visual. “And after the salad’s been served, when he goes around the table, that’s not a pepper grinder he’s holding.”

Watch Colbert above.

NBC competition Fallon got in on the “fun,” going after the man behind “Good Will Hunting” this way:
“Harvey Weinstein was fired by his company yesterday for being accused of sexual harassment,” the “Tonight Show” host said. “Not good. They said if he keeps it up he’ll wind up with his own show on Fox News.”

Watch that monologue here, which also includes a quality side-skit about the White House:

TheWrap already covered Kimmel’s go, by the way — click here for that one.

Of course, the Weinstein shots weren’t exclusively fired at 11:35 p.m. Back to CBS, James Corden also tore into Weinstein after some Trump-Corker stuff.

“He was fired for violating the company’s very strict ’27 strikes and you’re out’ rule,” Corden said. “Some of the things Harvey Weinstein is accused of, they’re pretty despicable. Even Hurricane Harvey was like, ‘Dude, you’re giving me a bad name.’”

Watch the “Late Late Show” here:

And we can’t forget about Seth Meyers. The “Saturday Night Live” alum gave the floor to three of his female writers for their reaction.

There were quite a number of spit-takes in this one; watch it here:

Finally, as we previously wrote up, John Oliver took his turn on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” — sometimes it’s good to have a weekend show. Catch that one here.