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Russell Brand Schools Bill Maher on Heroin, LSD, Marijuana: ‘I’m Only Describing One Evening’ (Video)

Now, the only drug the British comedic actor is interested in is ”the drug of connection, of unity, of love“

Russell Brand stopped by “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday night to promote his new book, “Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions,” and ended up sharing his take on the recreational drugs that he’s tried.

Maher called Brand an “addiction specialist,” having gone public with his addiction to drug and sex. The “Real Time” host pointed out that Brand has claimed fame as someone who has tried a wide assortment of drugs and asked which was his favorite.

“Heroin is very, very relaxing, too relaxing. You let go of your life in the end,” Brand began and continued at light speed. “LSD is delightful to annihilate concept of self, the construction of self, biochemical tapestries stimulated by a culture, formulated in memory. To see that thing bust apart by hallucinogens is a glory to bold. To experience oneness, to experience connection, to know that in truth we are all one, the glory of the light, the glory of the Lord! I know you’re an atheist,” he said, putting on the brakes.

Watch Friday night’s “Real Time” below. Brand’s segment begins at the 32:28 mark.

The star of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” answered so enthusiastically that Maher smiled and slowly rolled his chair away from him.

“These chairs have got wheels on them for a reason,” Brand laughed, grabbing Maher’s chair.

“And I’m only describing one evening!” the Brit continued. “Still marijuana, which I believe you are well acquainted with. Cocaine, a little too upbeat for me. I can’t take that stuff…”

Brand went on to say that now the only drug he’s interested in is “the drug of connection, of unity, of love. For me, all these things are placebos, every drug, every commodity just a placeholder on the way.”