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Huffington Post Hires Facebook’s Liz Heron as Executive Editor

Heron, who ran journalism partnerships for the social media giant, will serve as Arianna Huffington’s second-in-command

The Huffington Post hired Facebook executive Liz Heron as its executive editor, the digital news site announced on Tuesday.

Heron ran journalism partnerships for Facebook and helped launch Instant Articles, which allows media companies to publish content straight to Facebook users.

Arianna Huffington pointed to Heron’s role in creating the Facebook tool as a key credential: “She’s been a driver of this transformation that is happening at all media companies.”

Alongside editor-in-chief Huffington, Heron will help Huffington Post’s “distributed content” push, which preaches publishing content on social media platforms. She’ll essentially serve as Huffington’s second-in-command.

“We’ve been expediting this transition to distributed content,” Huffington told the Wall Street Journal. “And we’re a huge destination site still…with a very identified brand.”