‘HuffPost Show’ Hosts Tease What to Expect From Debut in Wrap’s Behind the Scenes Look (Exclusive Video)

Hosts Marc Lamont Hill and Roy Sekoff also reveal their dream guest on the new digital talk show during TheWrap’s on-set exclusive

TheWrap got an exclusive look behind the scenes of the new “HuffPost Show,” a digital talk show from The Huffington Post.

HuffPost Live president and co-founder Roy Sekoff and HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill will host the hour-long satirical newscast, which will feature serious news and entertainment segments along with interviews.  Hill and Sekoff said fans of website will definitely enjoy the show. “It’s The Huffington Post with Sriracha,” Hill said.

The co-hosts said that, given their choice, they would love to have Indiana governor Mike Pence on the show to discuss the controversial religious freedom law he recently signed. “We would be able to have a little bit of a dialogue,” Sekoff said.

The pair also said that no topics will be off limits. “The only thing that we’re banning is the pedestrian, the mundane, and the over-chewed,” Sekoff said. “We don’t want anything that’s over-masticated by the media maw.”

The first episode of “HuffPo Show” debuts on April 3 at 9pm ET/6pm PT on the Huffington Post homepage. New episodes will air every Friday on the homepage and will be available to stream on the HuffPost Live Network.

Watch the video.