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Hugh Jackman Shows Conan How to Be Like George Clooney (Video)

No one can work a room like Clooney, and Jackman shows you how he does it

Hugh Jackman was in an impersonating mood on last night's "Conan," as he began the show with his take on the red-haired host, and then demonstrated how to greet strangers like George Clooney does.

"He gets, like, uncomfortably close, he gets in there, and he never stops moving," Jackman said of Clooney's smooth method of introducing himself to a lot of people in a short amount of time.

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"You see people going for their phone, right, because they want the autograph, they want the picture, and they go for it, and then he's there and before they … he's gone, and they're happy."

Check out a clip of Jackman's visit to "Conan," which also includes a Jackman/O'Brien duet — in Mandarin Chinese: