Hugh Jackman on Fighting a Guy While Rollerblading: ‘I Was a Wanker’ (Video)

You don’t want to mess with the “Prisoners” star — unless he’s on inline skates

Jimmy Fallon discovered Thursday the one thing that can take down Wolverine — rollerblades.

During a “Late Night” interview, Hugh Jackman shared a funny story of the most embarrassing fight he ever got into.

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The “Prisoners” star was away on holiday, learning to rollerblade with a buddy, when a car idled by, its passengers taunting and threatening the actor.

“All I heard was ‘Hey you wanker, Sydney wanker,’” Jackman recounted. “Get out of our town, man.”

The actor tried to fight the guy, but new to rollerblades, Jackman actually ended up just hugging him.

“He was right, I was a wanker,” Jackman concluded.

Watch the clip: