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Watch Hugh Jackman Act Like an Adorable Curmudgeon in Ryan Reynolds-Narrated Coffee Commercial (Video)

Deprive Jackman of his morning cup of Laughing Man Coffee at your own risk

Hugh Jackman called on Ryan Reynolds to do a cheeky narration over his newest commercial for his Laughing Man Coffee brand, and it’s pretty dang adorable.

The actors have kept up a pretend feud over the years, but that never stops them for collaborating to promote each others’ products.

The commercial follows a curmudgeonly Jackman throughout his morning before he’s had his cup of coffee, during which time he yells at noisy kids outside his window, swears at his dog and thoughtfully listens to death metal music. You can watch the commercial via Jackman’s tweet embedded below.

Once he takes a sip of Laughing Man, however, the spell is broken and he snaps back into the Jackman “we know and love.”

“Noted humanitarian, goodwill ambassador, eternal optimist and founder of Laughing Man Coffee,” Reynolds says in the voiceover as Jackman takes a sip of coffee. “The coffee company that donates 100% of Hugh’s profits to support fair-trade farmers and brews the exceptional flavor that is 100% responsible for the Hugh Jackman we know and love.”

“There he is,” Reynolds says as Jackman smiles and gives his cute little dog a cuddle.

Reynolds has his own gin company called Aviation Gin, which Jackman has also been associated with in the past. Last February, the pair made a video in which they called a “truce” over their fake troll war and made backhanded, begrudging commercials for each other’s products, which you can watch here.

This past June, the troll war continued when the “Deadpool” star crashed Jackman’s 20th-anniversary reunion of the “X-Men” cast in a video released by Global Citizen, which you can watch here.

You can also read up on the origins of the pair’s joking war, which apparently started when the “Definitely Maybe” star was married to Scarlett Johansson, over here at the Daily Beast.