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Hulk Hogan Says $140 Million Gawker Verdict ‘Wasn’t Strong Enough’

”It’s just smoke and mirrors with them,“ wrestler says of website that published sex-tape footage of him

Apparently $140 million isn’t enough to make things right with Hulk Hogan.

The wrestling legend — who was recently awarded a total of $140 million in damages in his lawsuit against Gawker Media — said in an interview published Wednesday that the verdict “wasn’t strong enough.”

“I thought it was [enough],” Hogan told ET Online, “but now I’m starting to think that if Gawker is going to continue with this type of behavior, the verdict wasn’t strong enough, because they’re continuing on.”

Added Hogan, “It’s just smoke and mirrors with them …  It’s not about the First Amendment, it’s about privacy.”

Hogan was awarded $115 million — he had only asked for a mere $100 million — in damages last week, with another $25 million in punitive damages being tacked on Monday.

In his lawsuit, Hogan asserted that Gawker invaded his privacy when it published snippets of a sex tape featuring him and the then-wife of his friend, radio shock jock Todd “Bubba the Love Sponge” Clem.

Hogan has maintained that he was unaware that the sexual encounter was being recorded.

Gawker founder Nick Denton said the company will appeal the ruling.

Inadequate verdict notwithstanding, Hogan told ET that he’s been “praying for Gawker nonstop,” adding that he hopes Denton “will take all these young writers and journalists that have all this talent, and teach them to do the right thing to try to help people, instead of trying to destroy lives.”