Hulu Launches British Kitchen Comedy ‘Whites’

The sitcom is the third U.K. import to make its American debut exclusively on the video portal this summer

Last Updated: July 20, 2011 @ 2:44 PM

"Whites," a BBC comedy set in a chaotic kitchen, launched on Hulu on Wednesday, another part in the online video hub's recent strategy to import under-the-radar content from the U.K.

Last week, Hulu launched "The Booth at the End," a stylized psychological thriller about a mysterious wish-granter (played by "Nikita" co-star Xander Berkeley) who may or may not be the devil.

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In June, the website exclusively debuted "Misfits," a dramedy about troubled youths with superpowers that is a legitimate hit in Europe.

And now comes "Whites," which aired for six episodes last fall on the BBC but did not receive an order for a second, despite generally positive reviews.

Alan Davies wears the executive chef's hat but, having become jaded 15 years after nearly achieving celebrity status, now delegates nearly every kitchen task to his much put-upon sous-chef (Darren Boyd), a habit that predictably vexes his disgruntled staff.

The comedy plays out like a fictional version of a Gordon Ramsay reality show, only with less spiky hair and fewer people yelling (although there is still a lot of yelling).