‘Hunger Games’ Star Josh Hutcherson Gets Bullied in ‘Detention’ Clip (Video)

Josh Hutcherson moves from the perilous landscape of "The Hunger Games" to the equally frightening arena of the high-school campus

Josh Hutcherson is moving on from contending with the cruel leaders of the Capitol to dealing with another oppressive force: The high-school bully.

"The Hunger Games" star Hutcherson also takes the lead in the upcoming horror-movie spoof "Detention." While the film revolves around a group of high-school seniors who are menaced by a slasher-movie killer, in a new clip from the film, Hutcherson must contend with a rather run-of-the-mill school bully.

If only Katniss were there to help him…

"Detention," which co-stars Dane Cook, will be released April 13. Until then, watch Hutcherson suffer from the growing plague of school bullying in the video.