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Ian McShane to ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans: ‘Get a F—ing Life’

”Maybe you should get out a little more,“ actor says

“Game of Thrones” fans got another earful from series guest star Ian McShane, who told fans of the show that they should “Get a f—ing life.”

McShane was asked about his time on Season 6 of the megahit HBO series, during which time he got chastised when he gave away something of a spoiler during interviews before the premiere. He told Empire Magazine (via EW) in their April issue:

“Firstly, you love it and secondly, you’ll have forgotten by the time it comes out. And what am I giving away? A character beloved by everybody returns. Get a f—ing life. The show is huge but some fans seem to identify with it [too closely]. You want to say, ‘Have you thought about your lifestyle? Maybe you should get out a little more.'”

McShane played Brother Ray, the leader of a small religious sect, on the show. He found The Hound when he was on the verge of death following his battle with Brienne of Tarth and nursed him back to health.

This is not the first time McShane has spoken bluntly about the show either. When he was first catching hell online before the Season 6 premiere, he said, “You say the slightest thing and the internet goes ape… It’s only tits and dragons.”

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