Ice T Finally Ate a Bagel and He’s Not a Fan: ‘Why Would I Eat an Unsweetened Donut?’ (Video)

Rapper-actor also has some unfiltered thoughts about black coffee

Chill, everyone: rapper and “Law & Order: SVU” actor Ice T has finally eaten a bagel. But he’s not a fan.

“What happened was, on the show they wanted me to eat a bagel. I said, ‘I don’t eat bagels.’ But it was in the script, so you know — I just did it,” Ice T told Jimmy Fallon Wednesday of the breakfast-food controversy that swept the nation. “But I acted like I ate it — I didn’t eat it.”

“So then, on Twitter, somebody goes, ‘Why that kind of bagel?’ I said, ‘Because it was in the script,’” he recounted. “Then they said, ‘What’s your favorite?’ I said, ‘I’ve never had a bagel,’ and everybody lost they god—n mind.”

Dude, you’re 60. How has this never come up?

T’s explanation: “Look, I’m from South Central.”

“I ate one the other day,” he told the “Tonight Show” host. “I had one bite, I felt like I ate a loaf of bread. Why would I eat an unsweetened donut?”

Mariska Hargitay’s TV partner also (somehow) never had coffee before. And yes, he’s got thoughts.

“Black coffee: Why would someone do that to themself? They put some cream, they put a little sugar in it. I got it, it’s cool — I prefer tea. Not because my name is Ice T, I just prefer tea,” he said. “Black people like sweet stuff, just in case you didn’t know. We don’t drink unsweetened tea, stuff like that. White people do that. Black people like sweet things — can I live?”

You can live.

And you can watch the video above.