Idris Elba to Headline Discovery Racing Series (Exclusive Video)

“Idris Elba No Limits” will follow the “Luther” actor as he takes part in the world’s most extreme racing events

Idris Elba is addicted to speed, and he’s taking his addiction to the small screen.

Idris Elba No Limits” will premiere on Discovery Channel in July following the “Luther” actor as he travels the globe to participate in various racing events, and TheWrap has an exclusive sneak peek of the adrenalin-fueled show.

“I’m taking on the toughest racing challenges of my life for this new Discovery TV series,” Elba said in a statement. “Along the way, I meet extraordinary individuals, spectacular machines and hear amazing stories of how far people go to satisfy their love of speed. The extreme challenges take me right out of my comfort zone as I compete against the best on land, water and in the air.”

Each episode follows Elba visiting a renowned motor sport competition, shot on locations across Florida, California and the U.K., that will inspire his mission to take on some of the toughest racing disciplines in the world.

To push his car, plane or boat to the limit, Elba gets extensive training and miles under his belt to prepare for the big race day that will see him go head-to-head with the professionals.

Idris Elba No Limits” premieres Monday, July 4 at 7 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.