Iggy Azalea Breaks Silence After Her Music Was Criticized at Soul Train Awards

“It’s still cool to try and discredit my 2014 accomplishments,” rapper says

Iggy Azalea Debunks Sex Change Rumors
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Iggy Azalea appears have gotten a good “LOL” out of Erykah Badu’s jab at her music during last Sunday’s Soul Train Awards. At least, that’s what she said on Twitter.

“We are days from 2016, but i came online today and saw its still cool to try and discredit my 2014 accomplishments. LOL, f–king hell,” the “Fancy” rapper tweeted on Tuesday after Badu’s diss made headlines earlier in the week.

Badu was hosting the BET awards show when she targeted Azalea in an opening monologue bit about to keeping the Soul Train Awards solely about R&B and soul music instead of rap. She then pretended to take various phone calls from several rappers, one of which was Azalea.

“Who is this?” Badu said into the phone. “Iggy Azalea? Oh, you can definitely come because what you’re doing is definitely not rap.”

The joke was met with laughter from the audience, and garnered plenty of attention from music fans online. Azalea appears to have noticed, since she returned from a month-long Twitter hiatus to comment on the criticism, but is taking it in stride and focusing on new music.

Last February, Azalea announced she was handing over her social media accounts to handlers due to the “hatred and pettiness” she regularly received online.

Read Azalea’s latest tweets below: