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Iggy Azalea Got Through ‘Flinch’ Without a Heart Attack, But Not a Full Martini (Video)

James Corden also fires fruit at Kate Mara, Jane Krakowski and Lily James

James Corden is going to be the death of a Hollywood starlet one of these days, and Flinch is likely the game that’ll do it.

The “Late Late Show” host had four female guests on Tuesday — Lily James, Kate Mara, Iggy Azalea and Jane Krakowski — and he fired fruit at all of their faces.

In Flinch, a CBS guest stands behind a plexiglass wall while Corden controls a high-powered cannon filled with fruit. Mid-conversation, he pulls the trigger — it’s even frightening to watch from home.

Rapper Iggy Azalea was genuinely worried that she’d suffer a heart attack during her turn behind the glass. She didn’t, thankfully, but the music star sure got the wits (and perhaps something that rhymes with “wit”) scared out of her.

That said, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” star Jane Krakowski probably had the worst performance of them all, which could be judged by how much martini spilled on stage.

Watch the video above.