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Christina Aguilera Tops List of Worst ‘Star Spangled Banner’ Renditions of All Time

Another iHeartRadio poll says responders want to see baseball star Derek Jeter on the big screen

America has spoken. And it does not want Christina Aguilera singing its praises.

iHeartRadio Insights asked the nation of all the renditions of "The Star-Spangled Banner," which made you want to pack up for Europe the most? OK, the real question it posed was which performance was most cringe-worthy.

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The answer is Ms. "Genie in a Bottle" herself. Aguilera's rendition at the 2011 Super Bowl received an impressive (for futility) 35.9 percent of the vote. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler came in second the following year for his contirbution to the AFC Championship Game.

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In third was Dominican American pop singer and dancer Kat DeLuna from an NFL game in 2008. Clearly, football and the Anthem do not mix.

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Here are the full results of iHeartRadio's poll:

1.     Christina Aguilera (2011 Super Bowl): 35.9 percent
2.     Steven Tyler (2012 AFC Championship Game) 24.7 percent
3.     Kat DeLuna (2008 NFL Game): 13.1 percent
4.     Michael Bolton (2003 ALCS) 9.6 percent
5.     Scott Stapp of Creed (2005 NASCAR Ford 400): 9.0 percent
6.     Luke Bryan (2012 MLB All-Star Game): 7.6 percent

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The radio station streamer also asked which Major League Baseball star would make the best Hollywood leading man. The New York Yankee captain at number one should come as no surprise, but number two may raise your eyebrow. Here's that list:

1.     Derek Jeter: 45.9 percent
2.     Miguel Cabrera: 13.5 percent
3.     Mike Trout: 12.8 percent
4.     David Wright: 11.7 percent
5.     Chase Utley: 8.8 percent
6.     Joe Mauer: 7.2 percent