Imposter Spoofs G/O Media CEO and Deadspin Publisher – on G/O’s Own Blogging Platform

A post with a fake Jim Spanfeller byline offers a sexually crude explanation for “why recent events have occurred”

Last Updated: November 4, 2019 @ 6:05 PM

After the mass exodus of staffers at Deadspin last week, the revolt within G/O Media continued Monday when an anonymous blogger published a crude essay pretending to be written by G/O Media CEO Jim Spanfeller, on the publisher’s own blogging platform, Kinja.

Titled “A Confession,” the post — bylined under Spanfeller’s name — offers a salacious explanation for “why recent events have occurred,” presumably referring to the hollowing-out of Deadspin’s editorial staff and the recent closure of sister site Splinter: “The truth is that I have for many years suffered from a particular problem, and that is that I find it hard to get ‘excited.'”

“For many years this has sat with me and pushed me to rash decisions but not long after joining G/O Media a freak accident, involving standing on my desk while changing a lightbulb, revealed the solution,” the pseudo-Spanfeller wrote. “That the vibrations of my computer monitor managed to achieve growth not seen in years.”

The post continues:

So after much testing the technical staff in the Kinja team devised a solution, the more angry the comments the higher the power delivered. This has seen me deliberately tank the sites under my ownership in a desperate bid to achieve more and more anger, like a high just out of reach.

So please understand, I’m the victim here. Share this far and wide so all my former staff realise that I’m just a man, petty in character, just trying to find some joy in my life and failing completely. Just like how I’ve failed as a CEO.

So tonight when you go to sleep just imagine me, legs split over the desk, genitalia just flopping out, grinding desperately against a CRT monitor to achieve one more greasy finish, and unable to get there.

The post appears to have been published at 12:03 p.m. on Monday and, as of this article’s publishing, has not been removed. The identity of the author, or whether they are a current or former G/O media employee, is not currently know. G/O Media did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Wrap.

Last week, Emma Carmichael, a former editor at Gawker Media — G/O Media’s former name — published a disparaging piece about Spanfeller on Kinja titled “Jim Spanfeller Is a Herb.” Herb, pronounced like the name, is a slang term that generally refers to someone who is extremely uncool and unlikable, often by being arrogant but also incompetent.

That post was read over 100,000 times before someone at G/O Media changed the URL for the post from to the difficult-to-search, as Slate’s Ashley Feinberg discovered. The post has since been removed entirely from Kinja and, according to Feinberg, the site now prevents anyone from publishing other posts referring to Spanfeller as a herb.

The future of the blogging platform is also being reviewed, as comments have been disabled and all posts now appear with this disclaimer:

Dear Kinja User,

Based on feedback, G/O Media is reevaluating the options for maintaining Kinja user pages and they will remain accessible at this time.

G/O Media