Indiana Won’t Fine ‘Transformers 3’ Over Set Accident

Stunt gone wrong left an extra with brain damage, but occupational safety administration said precautions were taken

Indiana officials will not fine or issue citations to “Transformers 3” filmmakers over a September accident that left extra Gabriela Cedillo partially paralyzed and suffering from brain damage.

The injury happened during filming in Hammond, Indiana, when a cable snapped free and broke through the windshield of Cedillo’s 2006 Honda, slicing her head open. Her guardian is currently suing the film’s producers for negligence.

On Wednesday, the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced that it had concluded its investigation into the accident found that all necessary safety precautions were in place on the action film set.

“This was an unfortunate and unforeseeable accident,” spokesman Marc Lotter said in a statement.

The safety and health administration also determined that the weld connecting a car to the tow cable that broke was made by a certified welder.

The group's findings could pose a setback to Cedillo's lawsuit. Her complaint alleges that the film’s crew failed did not implement appropriate safety procedures and allowed untrained extras to drive their vehicles in close proximity to a dangerous stunt.