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Indiana Pizzeria Owner Doesn’t ‘Hate’ Gays, Closed Shop Will Reopen Soon (Video)

”God has blessed us for standing up for what we believe,“ Memories Pizza owner says

Memories Pizza owner Crystal O’Connor told Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto she doesn’t hate gay people and plans to reopen her store that she’s been forced to close.

“They are welcome in the store, anyone is welcome in the store, but it’s against our belief to condone, to cater to their wedding—we’re condoning that if we do that and that is against our religion,” she said Thursday.

“We show no hatred toward them,” she continued, but couldn’t put a “stamp of approval” on sam-sex weddings.

The Indiana pizza store became the center of a national firestorm when a local ABC report aired Tuesday where O’Connor said her store wouldn’t service same-sex marriages. A day later, they were forced to close under a slew of death threats.

Supporters of the pizza store’s stance have donated over $400,000 dollars since Tuesday: “God has blessed us for standing up for what we believe.”

O’Connor says she plans on reopening the store soon but doesn’t have a set timetable.

Watch the video.

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