Fullscreen’s Stu Smith on New Marketing Secret: Millennials Trust Influencers More Than Brands

Influencer marketing ”is growing in popularity for the best reason — because it works,“ Smith tells TheWrap

For brands that rely on cable networks to reach their target audiences, millennials and GenZers (the leaders of the cord-cutting era) have become increasingly difficult to reach. Distracted by ad-free streaming services and the “skip” button on YouTube’s ads, the two groups aren’t as receptive to advertisements being shoved in their faces as previous generations.

To address this issue, more companies are turning to influencer marketing — identifying individuals with a following on social media who have influence over potential customers and signing them up to push a product. “It’s growing in popularity for the best reason — because it works,” Fullscreen’s VP of talent Stu Smith told TheWrap. (An Otter Media-owned company, Fullscreen offers a set of tools, services, and consultation to social media influencers.)

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