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‘Insidious Chapter 2’ Trailer: Well, This Looks Terrifying (Video)

There is something wrong with daddy in the sequel to 2010's "Insidious"

Before James Wan takes a break from horror to direct the next "Fast & Furious" sequel, he's got a couple scares in store for moviegoers this summer.

First is "The Conjuring," a ghost story that begins haunting theaters on July 19, while the second is "Insidious Chapter 2," another ghost story which bows on Sept. 13. Fans have already gotten a good glimpse at the former, but now that the first trailer for the latter has hit the web, it's safe to say both look equally terrifying.

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The second chapter in the "Insidious" franchise, written by Wan's frequent collaborator Leigh Whannell ("Saw," "Dead Silence"), follows the Lambert family after the events that transpired in the first chapter: Patrick Wilson's character crossed over into "The Further," rescued his son (Ty Simpkins) from a demon, and crossed back into the human world.

But Wilson didn't come back with just his son. Some creepy old dead lady followed him, too.

And now she's really driving Wilson nuts, and his son takes notice.

"I heard voices in the hallway," Simpkins tells his mother, played by Rose Byrne. "Is there something wrong with daddy, mom?"

Here's a preview of what could be the scariest movie of the year: