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Internet Turns on Debate Hero Ken Bone, Who Called Trayvon Martin’s Shooting Justified

But in an old thread, Bone made clear he was no fan of shooter George Zimmerman, either

Presidential debate hero Ken Bone asked fans to “step into the BoneZone” for a Reddit discussion, but caught criticism for old comments in which he said the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin “was justified.”

Bone did not delete old messages on his account, so his new fans found past mentions of his vasectomy, forging insurance documents, his sex life and his thoughts on Martin.

Martin, 17, was killed in 2012 by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, who said he fired in self-defense and was acquitted of second-degree murder. The shooting polarized the nation, but Zimmerman was never convicted and the situation helped spark the Black Lives Matter group.

“From what I read about the case the Trayvon Martin shooting of Trayvon Martin was justified,” Bone wrote in the old post, in which he also called Zimmerman “a big ole s–t bird.”

One user wrote, “We’re gonna find out Ken Bone is a 26 year long Klan member aren’t we?” Another joked that, “A lot of rappers are probably deleting tracks titled Ken Bone right now.”

The Reddit AMA wasn’t completely negative. Questions ranged from serious to comical. “Have you ever said, ‘We ken bone,’ when your wife asks what you wanna do tonight?” one user asked.

When asked if he will take Snoop Dogg up on his recent offer to “hotbox the Bone Zone,” Bone declined: “My power plant supports a robust drug testing policy, sorry Dogg. My dad on the other hand is all in.”

But others rushed to join the Bone backlash.