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‘Interstellar’ Star Matthew McConaughey Reflects on Oscar Win and Watches Ellen Parody That Lincoln Ad (Video)

”I’m getting used to it,“ McConaughey says

Matthew McConaughey is probably used to getting made fun of for that Lincoln car commercial, but he’s still getting used to being introduced as an Academy Award winner.

The “Interstellar” star appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday to promote his latest film, and reflect on his rise to the top of Hollywood’s A-list after winning the Oscar earlier this year for his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club.”

“I like it,” McConaughey said of his Oscar-winning status in the industry.

“Did you realize when you won the Academy Award that, that is how you are introduced forever — Academy Award winner?” DeGeneres asked.

“I didn’t know that until now,” McConaughey said. “That’s the prequel to my name. It’s how I’m introduced now.”

McConaughey’s six-year-old son likes the trophy, too, and considers it one of the family’s “most-prized possessions” that he’d be quick to grab if a tsunami ever struck their Malibu home.

“I go, ‘We’d get out most prized possessions. We’d get the dogs, the cat, your sister, your little brother, me and mom and we get out of here as quick as possible just what we really need,'” McConaughey said. “He goes, ‘Well, wait a second we’d need the Oscar too, right?’ Good boy.”

The most fun came when Ellen forced McConaughey to watch her parody of his Lincoln car ad, which Jim Carrey also memorably spoofed on “Saturday Night Live.”

Watch McConaughey take pleasure in watching himself being made fun of, below: