‘Into the Badlands’ Showrunner on Whether Guns Will Ever Be Introduced on the Show

“I think we very specifically didn’t do that, and there’s a reason,” Al Gough tells TheWrap

Into the Badlands

AMC’s “Into the Badlands” introduces a world where guns no longer exist, lending itself to long, elaborate and beautiful martial arts sequences. So what would happen if guns were suddenly introduced back into the narrative?

“It would end the show,” showrunner Al Gough told TheWrap and other reporters on the Dublin, Ireland set of the fantasy drama series. “I think we very specifically didn’t do that, and there’s a reason, but it’s not something we get into this season.”

Instead of guns, the heroes and villains of “Into the Badlands” — led by Daniel Wu, Aramis Knight, Emily Beecham and newcomer Nick Frost — use swords, crossbows, sticks and other forms of more primitive weapons.

But mostly, they use their fists.

“I know people are curious [about guns], but it’s not something we get into,” he said of the upcoming Season 2. “We’ve talked about it a couple times. In Season 1, there was a storyline that we were like ‘no,’ and this season, it was like, ‘well, maybe if they find one…’ But as soon as you find one, then that means there are a lot more, and then you get into ‘well, what happened to all the weapons?’ So, at this point, we don’t really get into that.”

However, being such a deliberate omission on the show and obviously part of the show’s mythology, Gough wouldn’t rule out exploring it in future seasons, while acknowledging things could always change.

“You have sign posts of things for the next couple of seasons, but you leave yourself open to see what [happens],” he said. “Even for us on the writing side, they’re about to start shooting the last two episodes this week, then you start to go, oh, maybe we should do this [in Season 3]. With television, you always have to leave yourself open.”

Season 2 premieres March 19 at 10 p.m./9c on AMC.