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You Might Have to Wait for the iPhone 8 a Little Longer

Thanks to its giant screen, the next generation iPhone is a month behind schedule

If you’ve been patiently waiting to get your hands on the next generation iPhone — which is set to debut next Tuesday — you might have to wait a little bit longer than you were hoping for.

The 10th anniversary of Apple’s linchpin device — loosely titled the iPhone 8, although iPhone X and iPhone Pro are also in play — has run into production glitches stemming from its new OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodescreen) screen, according to the Wall Street Journal. The issues have pushed back its production by about a month.

Apple’s OLED screens are similar to the ones found on the phones of its main rival, Samsung — and with good reason. Apple depends on Samsung to mass manufacture its new large screens, which will cover nearly the entire front of the iPhone and do away with its classic “home button.”

Adding to the iPhone’s delay, according to WSJ, is Apple’s failed integration of touch ID to its display. iPhone 8 will use its new facial recognition technology or passwords to unlock.

With a supply shortfall on its hands, Apple and its contractors are looking to bolster its production. Foxconn, the Chinese contractor behind assembling the iPhone, is starting to pay out bonuses to employees able to bring in new workers. The company already has 250,000 people working at its plant in Zhengzhou, China.

If investors are worried about shipment delays affecting iPhone sales, they haven’t shown it yet. Shares of Apple dropping less than 0.5 percent on Thursday. With many of its customers due for a phone upgrade, analysts are expecting the new device to spur a “super cycle” for Apple.

Those lucky enough to grab the new iPhone in its first weeks will have to pay up, though, with high-end versions of the device going for up to $1,000.