New iPhone SE: Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People Into Comparing 2 Old iPhones Instead (Video)

Pedestrians find the “new” device to be a little lighter

With “Jimmy Kimmel Live” clearly lurking, it’s unclear why any Hollywood Boulevard pedestrians would agree to an on-camera interview.

Jimmy Kimmel’s man-on-the-street pulled off another one last night when he had passersby compare and contrast the iPhone 5 with the newly unveiled iPhone SE. Of course, Kimmel didn’t have an SE, so the show just handed people two completely identical iPhone 5s. The guests then promptly embarrassed themselves.

The consensus was that the “new” iPhone was a little lighter — or maybe it was heavier. The screen was possibly brighter than the “old” one, people found, and the iOS could have been about a millisecond faster. Progress.

Watch the video above.