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The Final Defender Arrives in New York in Marvel’s First Full ‘Iron Fist’ Trailer (Video)

Finn Jones plays the heir to a corporate empire who is transformed into a martial arts superhero after a plane crash

Netflix has released the first trailer for “Iron Fist,” Marvel’s last TV series before the highly-anticipated crossover event, “Defenders.” The new series, which premieres next month, shows the transformation of Danny Rand (Finn Jones) from the heir of a major corporation to a martial arts superhero.

The trailer shows how Rand survived a plane crash as a child that killed his parents and left him stranded in the mountains. It is there that he finds the lost city of K’un-Lun, where he studies Buddhism and kung fu and gains the power of the Iron Fist. Fifteen years later, he returns to New York to take his company back, only to run into Harold Meachum (David Wenham), a former business partner of Danny’s parents who has taken over after the crash and won’t let his power go.

Joining Danny in his new battle is Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), the descendant of a samurai family who has opened her own dojo in New York City. Backing them up is Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), the Hell’s Kitchen nurse who has also encountered Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

“Iron Fist” premieres on Netflix on March 17 with 13 episodes. Jones will reprise his role as Danny Rand in “Defenders,” which will be released later this year.

Watch the trailer in the clip above.