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MTV Movie Awards’ ‘Iron Man 3’ Clip: Tony Stark Armors Up Under Fire (Video)

Robert Downey Jr. experiments with his new and improved armor while under heavy helicopter fire

The MTV Movie Awards debuted a new "Iron Man 3" clip which demonstrates Tony Stark's newer and quicker method of suiting up. And the much-needed upgrade comes especially in handy when Stark's under attack from the Mandarin.

Taken out of the "Extremis" comic book story arc, Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) shows off the ability to summon his armor to his body on command.

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It's just too bad the suit is only a prototype and not equipped with flight mode as Stark's Malibu mansion comes crumbling off of a seaside cliff.

As a previous clip revealed, the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) was easily able to track down Stark's residence since the Avenger gave out his home address to the media while challenging his new nemesis. Despite the powerful new armor, it was still a big mistake.

"Iron Man 3," directed by Shane Black, flies into theaters on May 3. Here's the newest clip: