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It’s Alien Day! Watch ‘Aliens’ in 60 Seconds to Celebrate (Video)

Holiday is held on 4/26 in honor of the Xenomorph colony LV-426 from the ”Alien“ movie series

Today is Alien Day, on which sci-fi and horror fans pay homage to the Xenomorphs from the “Alien” film series who can easily kill us in a dozen different gruesome ways.

To celebrate, fans of the series can catch screenings of the first two movies, by Ridley Scott and James Cameron, at theaters across the country. Ellen Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver, will attend a screening of “Alien” in New York. In Los Angeles, Jenette Goldstein and Carrie Henn, who played Private Vasquez and Newt, will attend a screening of the sequel, “Aliens.”

But in case you’re under lockdown in a colony surrounded by facehuggers and can’t make it out to the theater tonight, Russian animation studio 1A4 has got you covered.

In 2013, they made this hilarious 60-second cartoon summing up the entirety of “Aliens” as part of their “Movie Speedrun” series. The speedruns replace all the dialogue with f-bombs and non-sequiturs, and different events in the film get merged into the same frame to get the entire plot in under a minute.

Other films 1A4 have done include “Fight Club,” “Die Hard,” a chronological rearrangement of “Pulp Fiction” and, most recently, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The studio was also commissioned last year by Vanity Fair to do a speedrun series covering the life and death of various “Game of Thrones” characters.

If you want more online “Alien” goodness, check out some of these other cool videos we’ve found, in the gallery below.