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It’s Jon Stewart’s Birthday; Remember When He Had Brown Hair? (Video)

Watch the first episode of "The Daily Show" that Jon Stewart hosted in 1999

Jon Stewart turned 50 today, so we'd like to wish him a very happy birthday. And remind him how old he has gotten since replacing Craig Kilborn on "The Daily Show" 13 years ago.

His very first day on the job — an extended gig that has so far been recognized with 16 Emmy Awards — was uploaded to YouTube recently. The archival footage features a fresh-faced Stewart with significantly less wrinkles and significantly more brown hair on his head.

The episode also marks the beginning of a historic collaboration with Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report." Watching Stewart giggle over his Chief Political Correspondent's mockery of President Bill Clinton's impeachment trial, it's easy to see the instant chemistry between the wildly popular comic duo.

It's even easier to see why the show jumped in popularity once Stewart was in charge of it. His hair may be in the process of turning 50 shades of grey, but thankfully, that brain of his seems to only be getting brighter and brighter.

Watch the vintage "Daily Show" episode in its entirety below: