It’s Looking Up for Below the Line

Hollywood can be a tough business to break into, whichever side of the lens you’re striving for. But 2023 brought new diversity in the ranks of crafts that fall “below the line,” among them cinematography, hair and makeup, costume design, music, production design and editing. We were excited to have Kendall Bessent photograph the changing faces of the industry 

Photography by Kendall Bessent

Camille Friend, Hair Designer, The Little Mermaid

Camille Friend

Hair Designer, The Little Mermaid

Cristina Dunlap

Cinematographer, American Fiction

Cristina wears dress by Kim Perets,jacket by Rails, shoes by Jessica Rich and jewelry by Ettika.

Cristina Dunlap, Cinematographer, American Fiction
Willie D. Burton, Production Sound Mixer, Oppenheimer

Willie D. Burton

Production Sound Mixer, Oppenheimer

Willie wears jacket by Southern Gents, shirt by Zadig & Voltaire, pants by Luca Faloni and necklace by Ettika

Ellen Mirojnick

Costume Designer, Oppenheimer

Ellen wears necklaces by Chanel, earrings by Ettika and glasses by Chrome Hearts.

Ellen Mirojnick, Costume Designer, Oppenheimer
Hilda Rasula Editor, American Fiction

Hilda Rasula

Editor, American Fiction

Hilda wears dress and belt by Chanel, earrings by Noritami

Kris Bowers

Composer, Origin and The Color Purple, Co-Director, The Last Repair Shop

Kris wears turtleneck, pants and shoes by Givenchy, shirt by Thrills, blazer by Paul Fredrick and glasses by Loewe.

Kris Bowers, Composer, The Color Purple
Jennifer Lame Editor, Oppenheimer

Jennifer Lame

Editor, Oppenheimer 

Jennifer wears dress and jacket by Chanel.

Laura Karpman

Composer, American Fiction

Laura wears shirt by The Row, pants by Issey Miyake, shoes and glasses by Gucci.

Laura Karpman, Composer, American Fiction
Michelle Tesoro Editor, Maestro

Michelle Tesoro

Editor, Maestro

Rene Haynes

Indigenous Casting, Killers of the Flower Moon

Jacqueline West

Costume Designer, Killers of the Flower Moon 

Rene wears blouse by Adolfo Sanchez, vest and trousers by Boohoo and shoes by Club L London.

Rene Haynes Indigenous Casting, Killers of the Flower Moon and Jacqueline West Costume Designer, Killers of the Flower Moon
Ruth De Jong, Production Designer, Oppenheimer

Ruth De Jong

Production Designer, Oppenheimer

Ruth wears jacket, vest and skirt by Chanel, shoes by Simon Miler and her own jewelry.

Francine Jamison-Tanchuck

Costume Designer, The Color Purple


Francine Jamison-Tanchuck, Costume Designer, The Color Purple


Production Anabella Cassanova and Sage Price for Vacation Theory

Fashion Editor Eric Ellison at The Wall Group

Fashion Assistant Melina Passalacqua

Make Up Artist Alix Youngblood

Hair Stylist Shelli Mosley at the Wall Group

Hair and Makeup Assistant Marshay Nicole

Production Assistant Luis Hernandez 

Location Stonewall Ranch Malibu