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It’s Now Stephen Colbert’s Olympics

The Comedy Central star has agreed to sponsor U.S. speedskaters after a Dutch bank collapses.

Really, is there anything Stephen Colbert won’t put his name on?

The late night host has had his own ice cream flavor. His name almost graced a module in the space station. Virgin America christened a jet Air Colbert. There’s even a spider named after Stephen.

Now, Colbert is putting his stamp on… the U.S. Olympic speedskating team.

The 2010 squad was to have been sponsored by the Dutch bank DSB (why a Dutch bank was backing our speedskaters is a mystery.) But then DSB did what all good banks seem to do these days: It collapsed.

Enter Colbert. Or, more specifically, The Colbert Nation.

It was announced on Monday’s show that Colbert Nation would be taking over as primary sponsor of the team. And Colbert has begun soliciting donations for the team.

"We must ensure that it is America’s 38-inch thighs on that medal platform!" Colbert said.

It’s not like our speedskaters are Jamaican bobsledders or anything. They’ve won 75 medals over the years, making them the winningest of all U.S. winter Olympians.

You can donate to the teams efforts via, yup, colbertnation.com.