iTunes to Let Users ‘Replay’ Deleted Movies, TV

The service expands program already available for music, books and apps

iTunes Replay, an Apple service that allows users to redownload already purchased but lost or deleted TV shows and movies, is close to launch, according to AppAdvice.

The feature — which is already available for books, apps, and music — affects content purchased as far back as Jan. 1, 2009. However, rights issues will block some content from streaming — TV shows and movies in iTunes will be paired with a small arrow that indicates iTunes Replay eligibility.

The product also may include streaming capabilities for purchased content onto Apple TV and iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The feature would be in anticipation of Apple's iCloud release, due in September.

Apple also released an Apple TV software update earlier this week that allows users to stream TV shows (but not movies) that may have deleted accidentally or lost as a result of hard drive failure.