Ivanka Trump Products Dumped by Canada’s Largest Department Store Chain

Hudson’s Bay Company will phase out everything in the first daughter’s product line from its 90 stores across Canada by this fall

Ivanka Trump
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Hudson’s Bay Company, the oldest department store chain in Canada, announced on Saturday that everything in Ivanka Trump’s product line will be phased out of the chain’s 90 stores across Canada by this fall. More than 150 items including clothing, shoes and jewelry have already been removed from its website.

“As part of our regular course of business, we review our merchandise offerings and make appropriate changes,” the company said in a statement.

Trump family products have been the target of an ongoing campaign by consumers to boycott stores that sell Trump-brand apparel. The boycotts in Canada increased in the months following the Trump administration’s decision to increase tariffs against Canada, raising fears of a trade war.

In America, the #GrabYourWallet boycott’s founder, Shannon Coulter, applauded on Twitter Hudson’s Bay Company for their decision.

According to the Huffington Post, Hudson’s Bay Company is the 40th Canadian store to drop Trump products, with the store saying that the drop was due to low sales. Stores in America have also dropped Trump from their list, including Nordstrom, whose decision to part ways with Ivanka in February 2017 earned angry replies from the president and his senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway.

Conway made headlines after she encouraged Trump supporters to buy Ivanka’s goods on Fox News, an endorsement which violates ethics rules forbidding federal officials from using their positions to endorse products.