Rose McIver Doesn’t Look or Act Much Like a Zombie in First ‘iZombie’ Trailer (Video)

“The Walking Dead” probably wouldn’t hesitate to eat her

Hardcore zombie fans probably won’t be impressed by the CW’s walking dead, since “iZombie” star Rose McIver looks or acts nothing like a corpse in the first trailer for the new series.

In fact, she mostly looks like a pretty teenager going through a goth phase, thanks to white face make-up and extra mascara around the eyes.

But fans of the horror genre that has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to AMC’s “The Walking Dead” will be happy to hear she does, at least, enjoy eating brains. And solving mysteries.

Those who are faithful to George Romero’s vision of the undead probably won’t be on board for this “Scooby Doo” spin on the trope, but maybe the network’s teenage demographic will.

“iZombie,” adapted from a DC Comics property of the same name, premieres Mar. 17 at 9 p.m. ET. The series is executive produced by Rob Thomas of “Veronica Mars” fame and Diane Ruggiero.

McIver (“The Lovely Bones”) stars as the eponymous dead girl, alongside Malcolm Goodwin, Robert Buckley (“One Tree Hill”), Rahul Kohli and David Anders (“The Vampire Diaries”).

Watch the video.