Oscar-Nominee J.K. Simmons Braves Snowpocalypse to Film ‘SNL’ Promos (Video)

“Whiplash” star pokes fun at the blizzard that wasn’t in New York City and gets yelled at by Kenan Thompson

J.K. Simmons was all smiles during the filming of promos for his upcoming hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live.” Even when he and longtime “SNL” cast-member Kenan Thompson had to face New York City’s #Snowpocalypse by filming outdoors.

The “Whiplash” star later got a taste of his on-screen medicine, as it was Thompson yelling at him for getting the timing wrong in the promo.

Simmons got his revenge though, by revealing to Thompson the secret of the boomerang snowball. It turns out it’s just a set-up for Thompson to get pelted by a ton of snow, which is good fun for everyone. Well, almost everyone.

In another bit, Thompson tries to guess what the “J.K.” in Simmons name stands for, which is absolutely not a secret. Simmons even tells him, but Thompson isn’t going to let a little thing like the truth stand in the way of his fun.

“Juicy Kincaid?” he guesses. “Jungle Khaki? Jelly-bean King? Oh, I know. Jumper Keeper.”

Is it any wonder Thompson reveals feelings of loneliness?

Watch J.K. Simmons’ “Saturday Night Live” promos here.

J.K. Simmons hosts “Saturday Night Live” this weekend with musical guest D’Angelo, at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.