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Jack Black Brings His Ghost Ghirls to Comic-Con – but Does He Believe in Ghosts?

Guest blog: His web-only paranormal comedy about two childhood girlfriends who possess special powers debuts in the fall

Jack Black was last seen at Comic-Con in 2005. But Black was back for the start of the 2013 nerd convention promoting his newest online venture: “Ghost Ghirls.”

Black and the Ghost Ghirls — Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci — along with the show's director, Jeremy Konner, were in San Diego to explain the concept of this new web show, which Black stars in and produces.

His production company, Electric Dynamite, and Shine America came together to work on this paranormal comedy about two childhood girlfriends who possess special powers: They can see ghosts, and they try to help the unwelcomed spirits get back to where they belong.

At the center of the 9-to-11 minute webisodes feature the bumbling antics the BFFs as they try to help the ghosts "crossover to the other side." As Konner explained, "They're like ghost whisperers or ghost hunters."

By the way, our spell check is not broken. Ghirls is purposely spelled with a silent “h” to mimic the “gh” sound of the word ghost. When I asked Black about this unusual spelling, he said he intended for the name of the show to point out the humorous tone of the program.

Why a web series instead of a television show?  It's a lot less expensive, Black and Konner said.  However, Black added that they’re targeting a growing audience. "The content we are creating is for you, the online consumer!" Black said at a press conference.

And the timing of the "Nacho Libre" actor's web-only series couldn't be better.

The Daytime Emmy Award nominations announced Thursday saw Netflix get an unprecedented number of nods for its original online content, including nine for “House of Cards,” including for best drama.

Black and Konner think this online trend is firmly on the upswing, and they hope “Ghost Ghirls” will tap in to the increasing demand for variety in web programming.

Does Black believe in ghosts? He didn't exactly admit or deny his conviction about these visions. Instead, he offered up a rather serious quote from Picasso: "Anything you can imagine is real."

Well, if Black doesn't believe in ghosts, he does believe his wife has seen one — or so Black said she told him.

In any case, we won't have to wait much longer to see the Ghost Ghirls in action. It premieres this fall on Yahoo Screen



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