’30 Rock’s’ Jack McBrayer Is the Worst ‘Breaking Bad’ Drug Lord Ever (Video)

The former NBC star inserts himself into the AMC drama in "Conan" skit

Conan O'Brien loves "Breaking Bad," but he isn't sold on its (fake) new edition of Jack McBrayer as the newest drug lord on the show.

Of course, that idea and sketch — which aired on Tuesday's show — is completely the brainchild of the "Conan" staff.

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O'Brien rolled a doctored clip with McBrayer inserted into the famous desert negotiation scene, where he plays a windbreaker-suit-wearing goofball kingpin.

He is not very convincing in the role, even when he tries to play hardball with Walter White/Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston). Also, he can't catch at all, despite numerous attempts.

Watch the clip: