Jackson Odell’s 6 Most Memorable Moments on Video, From ‘Modern Family’ to YouTube

See the late “Goldbergs” and “iCarly” actor tickle the ivories as a kid

Jackson Odell

“Modern Family” (2012) — Jackson Odell appeared in this Season 15 episode of the ABC sitcom, playing a kid who bullies Manny, after taking credit for a poem Manny wrote for a girl they both had a crush on. You can see Odell started at the 17 minute mark.

“Losing My Mind” — Odell performs an original song with Camryn Magness in 2011.

“Dreaming With a Broken Heart” — A 14-year-old Odell covers a John Mayer ballad.

“Thrift Shop” — Odell and Michael “Fish” Herring add a little “bluesy” sound to Mackelmore’s track.

“Great Balls of Fire” — A six-year-old Odell impressively plays Jerry Lee Lewis’ song on the piano, rocking what he called “Justin Bieber” hair.

“Stay” — Odell is joined by Michael “Fish” Herring again for a 2013 performance of Rihanna’s track