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Jackson Suffered from Skin Disease, Wore a Wig

According to offiical coroner’s report, singer had facial tattoos, scars, litany of medical problems

All the grisly details from Michael Jackson’s autopsy report have officially came to light following the arraignment of Dr. Conrad Murray.

The coroner’s office released its autopsy report at the same time charges of involuntarily manslaughter were filed against Murray, Jackson’s personal physician.

Specifically, the report confirmed that the singer died from "acute propofol intoxication."

But the Los Angeles County Coroner’s report is also chock full of detailed information that shines a light on the litany of ailments that the King of Pop suffered from.

The resulting picture seems in sharp contrast to the performer at the top of his game seen in the hit documentary "This Is It."

According to the report, Jackson suffered from the skin disease vitiligo, causing him to have white patches along his abdomen, face, arms, and chest. That would confirm Jackson’s own claims of having the disease, as an explanation of his increasingly whitening skin.

The singer also wore a wig to conceal the fact that he was balding and had only a "sparse" amount of hair, most likely the result of his accidental burning while filming a 1984 Pepsi commercial.

Under the wig, his hair was short and curly.

He also had small scars around his body (his neck, wrists, nose, and behind the ears) and sported dark tattoos near both eyebrows and a small pink tattoo close to his lips.

The singer was shockingly thin, weighing just 136 pounds, and was found with bottle of urine near his bedside, as well as catheters and disposable needles.

As for his doctor, Murray pleaded not guilty; the case will continue on April 5.

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