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Jaden Smith Raps About Girls, Growing Up Rich in ‘The Coolest’ (Video)

Get ready for Jaden Smith: rapper

Not content with mere movie stardom, Jaden Smith is following his father into the world of hip-hop.

The 14-year old progeny of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and star of "The Karate Kid," lays some rhymes on listeners in the new song "The Coolest." If it works out, the Smith clan could have yet another musical phenomenon under their roof. Dad first came to prominence as The Fresh Prince, while sister Willow scored an unlikely smash with 2010's "Whip My Hair."

Jaden Smith has previously taken those golden pipes out for a walk in pal Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never," but this is a solo effort. With its dizzying bassline and steadicam, the overall experience is kind of like watching a room spin before you collapse in a blackout drunken heap. While a young millionaire raps at you.

According to the lyrics, being "the coolest" involves a lot of soda-sipping and lip-kissing. Also, teenage girls apparently like rich dudes.

The song will be featured on Jaden Smith's upcoming mix-tape, "The Cool Cafe," which drops Oct. 1.