Jake Gyllenhaal Eats a Worm on ‘Man vs. Wild’ (Video)

The actor enjoys a tasty snack while hanging with host Bear Gyllis in Iceland

Last Updated: July 12, 2011 @ 8:48 AM

"This is one of those moments to face your fear," said Jake Gyllenhaal on the season premiere of "Man vs. Wild" on Monday.

The "Source Code" actor joined host Bear Grylls in a remote area of Iceland to test his mettle in the great outdoors, even though he was woefully clueless about what might happen.

"I have done nothing to prepare for the show," said Gyllenhaal.

Over the course of the hour, he shimmied across a rope high above the earth, hiked through a blizzard, rappelled into a volcanic hot spot, forded an ice-cold river and, in "Man vs. Wild" tradition, ate something you won't find on the menu at Spago.

"Is this your first worm?" asked Grylls proffering the creepy crawly.

"First worm," admitted Gyllenhaal.

Probably not the most delicious snack but it made for delicious television.

Excerpts from the episode are embedded below in five parts.