Jake Paul Admits to Jesse Watters That He’s Seen the Mike Tyson Training Videos, Too: ‘Yes, He Looks Like a Beast’

“He’s a dog. He’s Iron Mike Tyson. But I believe I have what it takes to beat him,” the YouTuber-turned-boxer says

The Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul fight isn’t until July, but the hype machine for the live-on-Netflix heavyweight bout started hitting the gym precisely when Mike Tyson did.

Have you seen those training videos? Jake Paul has.

The former YouTube star – who in four years’ time transformed himself into a legitimate professional pugilist – stopped by Jesse Watters’ primetime Fox show on Wednesday to stick up for himself after Tyson’s short clips started dropping shots to the jaws of all who saw.

“Mike says you’re making a mistake,” Watters, who did nothing to hide his boxing fandom and knowledge during the segment, said. “What do you say? Are you?”

“Man, I think he’s underestimating me,” Paul said. “I truly – I truly think that … You know, he’s the bigger man, but I’m the faster man. He’s the much stronger man, but I’m fresh … The whole world and a lot of people see his training videos.

“And yes, he looks like a beast. He’s a dog. He’s Iron Mike Tyson.”

But could Paul – whose single loss was also his only fight against an active pro boxer – actually believe he has what it takes to face the most ferocious undisputed world heavyweight champion of all time?

“I believe I have what it takes to beat him,” Paul said, “and I know this is the toughest test of my life and it’s an honor to be in there with Mike. But at the end of the day, I’m going to be the one who gets my hand raised.”

That’s where Watters just had to flash a little ring-lingo: “You know how he likes to get inside on people. That’s his move. Feint, feint, get inside, kidney, kidney, uppercut. I mean, you’ve seen the results,” Watters pontificated.

Watters also set up Paul’s best line of the interview with a question that, to be fair, anyone might ask: “What happens if Tyson bites your ear off?”

“He can’t bite my ear off,” Paul replied, “if I knock his teeth out.”

And Paul lands one to the chin! Watch the entire exchange in the video above.

Tyson vs. Paul streams live July 20 on Netflix.


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