Jake Tapper Berates Mississippi Governor About State’s COVID ‘Death Per Capita’: ‘Your Way Is Failing’ (Video)

“One out of every 320 people in Mississippi have died of coronavirus,” CNN host points out to GOP governor

CNN’s Jake Tapper had Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves in the hot seat on Sunday’s “State of the Union” and pretty much torched him about his state having the highest COVID death in the country.

Just 42% of people in Mississippi are fully vaccinated, which Tapper said, is “partly why Mississippi now has the highest death toll per capita from COVID-19 in the entire United States — about one out of every 320 people in Mississippi have died of coronavirus.”

The Republican governor has called President Biden’s vaccine mandate a “tyrannical-type move” and a distraction from the president’s recent setbacks that began with pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Tapper pointed out the more than 660,000 people dead from the virus and asked Reeves what better reason is there than that to justify Biden’s mandates under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

Reeves continued to voice his objection of giving Biden the power to make such mandates, but Tapper rebutted.

“In fact, if Mississippi were its own country, you would be second in the world only to Peru in terms of deaths per capita,” Tapper said. “So, with all due respect, Governor, your way is failing. Are you going to try to change anything to change this horrible statistic from what you’re doing already?”

You can watch the two face off in the clip above.