Jake Tapper Tells Conan O’Brien That Trump Is ‘Exhausting’ (Video)

“The president seems to thrive on chaos,” says CNN anchor

Last Updated: February 15, 2017 @ 8:54 AM

CNN anchor Jake Tapper continued his rounds on late night TV with an appearance on “Conan,” in which he said it is “exhausting” covering the “chaos” coming out of Donald Trump’s White House. But Tapper suspects that such chaos might be a feature rather than a bug.

“The president seems to thrive on chaos,” Tapper explained to Conan O’Brien. “It was like that during the campaign. It obviously worked. He also seems to like having different competing groups of power competing against each other and we’d heard about that from his business enterprise that he liked different people competing with each other, bouncing off each other. Obviously, ‘The Apprentice’ was like that, as well.”

For a specific example, Tapper discussed the recent resignation of Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn, saying that the information coming from the White House regarding the Army general seemed to change every hour.

“We were told that General Flynn was fired, then we were told he resigned, then we were told he was fired. These are all on-the-record statements made by different people in the administration. It’s very confusing.”

Tapper has become very popular among the anti-Trump crowd for his relentless coverage of the Trump administration in the past month, even as Trump and his camp continuously attack CNN as “fake news.” When addressing Steve Bannon’s remark that the mainstream media should “keep its mouth shut,” Tapper simply replied to Bannon’s demand with a deadpan “no” on the air. He has also become a major figure on “Saturday Night Live,” with Beck Bennett playing him in sketches that lampoon the Trump administration.

When O’Brien said that the chaos has to die down at some point, Tapper provided a depressing reply: “If you’re looking for me to reassure you, I cannot.”

Watch a clip from Tapper’s interview above.