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James Cameron to Submit Report on Oil Spill

The director says he will advise the Dept of Energy and EPA

 “Titanic” director James Cameron said he brought together two dozen experts to help address the massive oil spill in the gulf, and would be presenting a report to the government.

Speaking at the AllThingsD conference on Wednesday night, the director of “Titanic” and longtime deep sea enthusiast said he had contacted British Petrolem three weeks ago to offer advice, and “They basically said, ‘We’ve got this,’” he recalled.

But after the oil continued to gush into the gulf, he took action. “I thought, ‘I know really, really smart people who work at depths much greater than what that well is at,” Cameron said. “I thought why not get those people together for brainstorming.”

The meeting took place recently at the Washington DC headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency, including 23 experts that Cameron gathered from around the world.

The director said they were writing up a report of recommendations and would be submitting it to the EPA and the Department of Energy.

“It’s not a plumbing problem,” said Cameron, calling the mess at the sea bed extremely complicated. “If they make a mistake and blow up down below, it can blow up in 30 places.

“I never thought I’d be defending BP,” he said. “They’ve got good engineers. But there’s no transparency whatsoever. “