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Jimmy Kimmel on Trump Axing James Comey: ‘Kinda Like OJ Firing Judge Ito’ (Video)

”This is the kind of thing dictators do,“ ABC host shreds POTUS

Jimmy Kimmel torched Donald Trump Tuesday over the President’s firing of FBI chief James Comey, likening the move to “O.J. firing Judge Ito halfway through the trial.”

“This is the kind of thing dictators do,” the ABC comedian continued. “This is the kind of thing reality TV hosts do: they fire someone every week. Maybe that’s what happened, he thinks he’s still on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice.’ It was between James Comey and Meatloaf and, well, the loaf won again.”

“One reason they gave — and this is really something — for firing Comey is because he mishandled the Hillary Clinton email situation, which is hilarious because that would mean Trump fired James Comey for making him President,” Kimmel quipped. “He really does hate doing this job.”

Kimmel then hawked his new “Comey Is My Homey” t-shirt to his audience. For $29.99, viewers get a crappy piece of apparel and the satisfaction of contributing to a nasty Oval Office letter. We guess some of the proceeds goes towards the stamp.

Watch the video above.

Trump’s decision to let Comey go was based on the recommendation of both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Read Trump’s “Dear John” letter to James here.

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