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Comey Attack Ads Inspire Colbert to Go After His Own Audience (Video)

Sorry, random dude in Seat 12

If pro-Trump organization Great America Alliance can make an attack ad about James Comey — despite the fact that the former FBI director isn’t even running for any office — Stephen Colbert can do the same to a “Late Show” audience member.

“As an audience member, this guy put his viewing experience over protecting America,” Colbert said of one random, “Selfish” dude in the CBS studio audience. “Ever since taking his seat, he’s been laughing while doing nothing to combat terror. Enough’s enough.”

Bro is “Soft on Terrorism,” per another on-screen label. It got harsher from there.

Enter: Lady with a baby.

“Some say this guy is a good audience member,” she said, sidling up to the man while holding a doll. “But what do we really know about him? I know I don’t trust him around my baby.”

“This guy: Wrong for Seat 12, Wrong for America,” Colbert concluded.

Watch the video above.